Coaching Services

Organisations come to us to find coaches for leaders and team members for a number of reasons:

  • Leadership development
  • Business development
  • Team development
  • Performance issues
  • One-off interventions - e.g. to support a particular issue or situation

1-1 coaching is an investment in your career, your growth as a leader and in your business growth. It's important that you find the right coach for you and, whoever you choose, make sure that they have the following experience and qualifications as a minimum:

  • Leadership and/or people management experience
  • Coach-specific training and qualifications
  • Accreditation from one of the recognised coaching bodies
  1. The International Coach Federation (ICF) - all accredited coaches are listed on their website, so you can check -*
  2. EMCC
  3. Association for Coaching

Return on investment is measurable - against business, career or personal objectives.  For more information, Click here As leaders, it also helps to learn coaching skills.  Contact us at info@dentalcoachingacademy to find out more, or download our DCA_EvidencePaper on how a study at Queensland University, Australia, confirmed that our coaching skills training has a lasting benefit.   *Dental Coaching Academy is not responsible for external websites