Dr. Janine Brooks MBE & Helen Caton-Hughes from the Dental Coaching Academy receive the PGC Level 7 certificates from Nigel Girling

Christmas came early for us here at the Dental Coaching Academy, as we received the first batch of Post-Graduate Certificates in Leadership Coaching and Mentoring. The successful candidates are now qualified to coach and mentor dentists and their teams, supporting Denplan clients to grow their members’ success.

First-rate education in leadership, coaching and mentoring

Nigel Girling, external verifier at the National Centre for Strategic Leadership said today,

“The Dental Coaching Academy can be especially pleased with, and proud of, their work with these candidates. The Assessors gave them the biggest ‘shake’ it could and found the quality of the work to be excellent. The standard of the training, the calibre of the candidates and quality of the evidence are all first-rate.”

This new qualification is a level 7 Postgraduate Certificate in Leadership Coaching and Mentoring, offered by the Dental Coaching Academy and awarded by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) with external verification provided by the National Centre for Strategic Leadership (NCSL).

What shape would your career be?What shape would your career be?

If your career could be a shape what shape would it be?

Maybe that's a strange thought.

Maybe you haven't considered your career could be a shape, maybe it just is.

I think it does have a shape. Mine looks like a folded spiral.



3 tips for that all-important interview

Escape the Career Maze into Career Success with the Dental Coaching AcademyGreat news - you finally got the interview you were hoping for. But now what?  Is this the perfect next step in your career?  Bob Hughes PCC, Career Coach and Director at the Dental Coaching Academy, offers 3 tips for that all-important interview.

The pitfalls of adult learning

By Bob Hughes

I am currently learning advanced driving . Not solely driven by my interest in driving, I must confess that a gentle nudge from a driver awareness course, was part of the reason why I started it.

Now, I’m really enjoying it and I would heartily recommend it to anyone. (Go for RoaDAR  if you do want to do one too.)

It's apparent, however, that I'm going through some of the challenges that face all adult learners.